Participant and speaker of many international conferences on the

subject on semigroups of operators and evolution equations:


  Functional Analytic Methods for Structured Population Models, Holland (1990);

  Differential Equations in abstract spaces, Bologna, Italy (1991);

 3rd  International Workshop-Conference on Evolution Equations, Control Theory and  Biomathematics, Han-sur-Lesse, Belgium(1991);

  Evolution Equations Conference, Baton Rouge, USA(1993);

  28th Annual Meeting of the Mathematical Society of the Republic of China


  Sino-Australian Joint Workshop on Nonlinear Analysis, Taiwan (June, 1993);       

  Workshop on Nonlinear  Analysis, Shi-Tou, Taiwan (July, 1993);

  19th International Conference on Evolution Equations and Applications, Tokyo, Japan (December  21-23, 1993);

  Fourth Workshop-miniconference on Operator Theory and Evolution Equations, Baton Rouge, USA (March, 1994);

  Evolution Equations Conference, Glasgow, UK (July, 1994);

  Conference on Evolution Equations and Semigroups, Pisa, Italy (September, 1994);

  American Mathematical Society - BeNeLux Congress, Antwerpen, Belgium ( May, 1996);

  Workshop on Partial Differential Equations, Han sur Lesse, Belgium ( June, 1996);

  The second International conference on Nonlinear Functional Analysis and Applications, Masan, South Korea ( August, 1996 );

  Annual Meeting of Mathematical Society of Korea, Seuol, South Korea (October, 1996);

  Fifth International Conference on Evolution Equations and Their Applications to Technology, Hiroshima, Japan (October, 1996);

  Applied Mathematical Analysis Conference 97 (Including Optimization ` Control),  Kaohsiung Polytechnic Institute, Taiwan (January, 1997);       

  International Conference "Function spaces. Differential operators. Problems of mathematical education", Moscow, Russia (March, 1998);

  3rd European Congress of Mathematics, Barselona (July, 2000);

  International Conference on Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems, Suzdal, Russia (August, 2000);

  4th International Conference on Functional Analysis and Approximation Theory, Maratea, Italy (September, 2000);

  International conference  on Computational Stochastic Differential Equations, Warwick, UK (March, 2001);

  TULKA miniconference, Karlsruhe, Germany (December, 2001);

  Conference on Morden Methods in the Theory of Boundary Problems, Voronezh, Russia (May, 2002);

  International Conference on Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems, Suzdal, Russia ( July, 2002);

  24-th Coloquio Brasileiro de Matematica, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (July, 2003);

  XXVI Congresso Nacional de Mathematica Applicada e Computacional, Sao Jose do Rio Preto, Brazil (September, 2003);

 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE AND WORKSHOP (dedicated to the centennial of Sergei Mikhailovich Nikolskii) Function Spaces, Approximation Theory, Nonlinear Analysis (Moscow, Russia, May, 2005);