Laboratory of Informatics
Head of Laboratory E.S.Polischuk, senior researcher, DSc
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Principal research interests
  • fundamental problems of constructing the systems of automatization, methodology, technology and safety of large information systems

Research area
  • constructing of corporate information systems: methodology and technology

Results of research projects
  • Bibliographical computer databases have been developed. The investigations have been pursued and publications have been prepared on the following issues: technogenous impacts on ecological environmental situation, social and demographic problems; bioinformatics ( evolution and generation of valuable information, synergy as a factor of science integration, synergetic attempts in the development of idea of biosphere, biologic and molecular evolution, mathematical models of nonlinear dynamics in the evolution); molecular dynamics and functioning mechanisms of biological structures.

  • The trial operation of the information system which is responsible for the staff inventory has been performed in the Staff Management Department of Moscow State University (MSU). The database with the staff of all the permanent employees of the Science Research Computer Centre (SRCC) of MSU has been maintained. Reference and the guidelines for using of the information system have been completed. In addition to this the accounting reference for the University administration has been prepared.

  • Materials for "Business plan project of development of integrated information system of MSU" and "Concept bases of creating of integrated automated information system (AIS) of the administration management of MSU" have been prepared.

  • Scientific information preparatory work on " The World University Education Bibliography " from 1999 to 2001 has been fulfilled. The material has been represented in the form of bibliographical indexes and now is displayed on the SRCC Web-site (

  • Conception of a virtual museum of the history of library and librarianship of Moscow has been developed. The hypertext dummy of the site has been created.

  • The modules of the information retrieval system "Christianity" have been added and edited on the following directions: bibliography (in Russian), hagiography, personalia; the generation program of the Church calendar has been modernized; the active databases have been removed into WINDOWS; the databases have been adopted for using in the Internet, the client's applications have been designed (Object Pascal in Delphi, Java and JavaScript environment). The Russian Orthodox Church Web site has been developed and maintained. The information content of The Russian Orthodox Church Web site has been expanded ( The HTML-marking for the site has been enhanced, resulting into the creation of the Hypertext Russian Synonyms Dictionary.

Teaching activity
  • research guidance of a four year student's project in the Faculty of Geography (N.M. Chernavskaya, DSc)
  • reading of lecture course "reference science" on the 4 the course of faculty of journalism of Russian Orthodox University. (E.S. Polischuk)
  • the work consisting of councils (committees) - N.M. Chernavskaya
  • member of coordinate council of government program of Moscow "Scentists for Children";
  • committee member "Woman in science and education";
  • member of research council "Biophysics and education" at the presidium of Russian Academy Science (RAS).
  • Grant from Special group CODATA (Financial support for Conference and Workshops) "Environment ecosystem conservation", the head of the project prof. Arsky Yu., Russian Academy of Sciences VINITI

  • Grant of RFBF (Russian Foundation for Basic Research) 01-03-00332, the head of the project prof. R.B.Rybakov, Institute of Orientalistic (Russian Academy of Science), N. M. Chernavskaya - performer

  • Grant of the Moscow government under the programm "Scientists for Children", the head of the project prof.. T Potapova. V., Moscow State University (Biological faculty), N. M. Chernavskaya - performer

  • Grant for support of science schools , the head of the project prof.. D.S. Chernavskii , Russian Academy of Science FIAN , N.M. Chernavskaya - performer

  • Biological Faculty, MSU
  • Geological faculty, MSU
  • Faculty of pedagogical education MSU
  • The All-Russian Institute for Scientific and Technical Information (VINITI)
  • Institute of Orientalistic (Russian Academy of Science)
  • The D.V.Skobeltsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics, MSU
  • Turgenev Library
  • Publishing House of The Moscow Patriarchate
Main publications
  • Chernavskaya N M . (in co-authorship) On the generation of the worth information in the sinergetic approach // In "Modern problems of radiobiology, radioecology and evolution / Plenum Press, London. 2001. P.275-279.

  • Chernavskaya N M . (in co-authorship) Tunnel transport of electron in biological systems // in "Math. model of nonlinear exitationů / Plenum Language Sci., Corpor., New York, London. 2001. P.2. P.344-352.

  • S.F.Gilyazov., (˝ţ-author. N.L.Goldman - SRCC). Regularization of ill-posed problems by iteration methods Dordrecht, Boston, London. Kluwer Academic Publisher, 2000

  • N.M.Chernavskaya, DSc, T.B.Pleskacheva. Environmental Bioindication of heavy metal pollution // Proceed. of Workshop Intern. Codata spec. gr. Environmental ecosystem conservation, 23-24 apr. Moscow, 16-18 jun. Norvey. Press MSU, 2000

  • N.M.Chernavskaya, T.B.Pleskacheva. The role of Bacterial communities in soil Biocenoses // Proceed. of Workshop Intern. Codata spec. gr. Environmental ecosystem conservation, 23-24 apr. Moscow, 16-18 jun. Norvey. Press MSU, 2000

  • N.M.Chernavskaya, DSc, senior researcher, T.B.Pleskacheva., DSc, senior researcher. The role of Biomonitoring in Assessment of Pollution // Proceed. of Workshop Intern. Codata spec. gr. Environmental ecosystem conservation, 23-24 apr. Moscow, 16-18 jun. Norvey. Press MSU, 2000

  • N.M. Chernavskaya, DSc, leading researcher. Automatic Information retrievel system "Ecological Problem of soil Science. Heavy metal" // Proceed. of Workshop Intern. Codata spec. gr. Environmental ecosystem conservation, 23-24 apr. Moscow, 16-18 jun. Norvey. Press MSU, 2000

  • N.M. Chernavskaya, DSc, leading researcher, T.B. Pleskacheva., DSc, senior researcher., N.S. Katrich., computer programmer. Catalogue-guideline on the Assessment of Natural Ecosystems state under the condition of Anthropogenic Pollution by Supertoxicants // Abstr. of I7th CODATA conference "Data and Information for the Comming Knowledge Millennium", 2000, Italy. Boveno

Brief characteristic of staff ( researchers, students)

Research Staff
  • Pushkina, Ninel Ivanovna, leading researher, DSc
  • Chernavskaya, Nina Mikhailovna, leading researher, DSc
  • Kozhanova, Nikolaevna Olga, senior researcher, DSc
  • Pleskacheva, Tamara Borisovna, senior researcher, DSc
  • Polischuk, Evgeni Siemenovich, senior researcher, DSc
  • Dronina, Natalia Leonidovna, researcher
  • Sudakova, Marina Vladimirovna, researcher, DSc
  • Tolstikova, Galina Grigorievna, researcher
  • Lukyanova, Loudmila Leonidovna, junior researcher
Cooperation with other Institutions

  • Proposals for establishing links with cognate research organizations who are interested in implementing results of science research into practice