Internet and Computing Resources

 High-performance Internet accessible Computing Cluster for research and teaching (in Russian)

Information and Analysis Center on Parallel Computing (in Russian)

Everything on parallel computing.

Parallel Information Technologies (in Russian)
 The University Information System RUSSIA (in Russian)

The UIS RUSSIA maintains data and documents for investigations and education programs in social sciences and operates as a collective electronic library providing for free access to the Russian universities. Complex of research-assisting value-added services is provided for the users. More

Infrastructure for statistical education

 Ecological information (in Russian)

This site is aimed at scientists, experts, students and other specialists who are working in the ecological-economic sphere of knowledge or dealing with the environmental problems.The information is represented in the form of abstracts to various articles, monographs, claims and reports to the conferences

 Electronic-Journal "Numerical Methods and Programming. Advanced Computing"

Refereed publications on methods and algorithms for computational mathematics and its aplications, related software and teaching material.

 Numerical Analysis (in Russian)

Numerical Analysis library of the RCC and literature on numerical analysis

 Programming tools ADEPT (in Russian)

Programming tools for development of the applications oriented on complex data interactive processing.

Automatization of Computing (in Russian)
 Private Journals and Notebooks (in Russian)

The site is dedicated to private documents and testimonies, such as diaries, journals, notebooks. These will provide a prism on Russia's 20th Century life - refracted through private points of view, including but not limited to those of writers and artists.

Automated Lexicographis(Linguistic) Systems (in Russian)