A.V. Goncharsky and A.A. Goncharsky
Computer Optics and Computer Holography
Moscow: Moscow University Press, 2004

This monograph is dedicated to the now thriving field - flat computer optics and computer holography. Most of the matematical difficulties are associated with the solution of inverse problems. The mathematical models involved include Maxwell's equations, the Fresnel approximation, and geometric optics approximation. The use of microelectronics technologies for precision production of the microrelief of optical elements proved to be a breakthrough idea in the synthesis of flat optics. Flat optics allows solving a wide range of problems in laser thermal processing, goods marking, metrology of coherent radiation, etc. One of its most interesting applications is computer holography. Compuer-synthesized holograms effectively protect securities, bank notes, plastic cards, consumer goods, etc. against counterfeit. This book suggests new ideas for the use of flat optics in security technologies.

The book can be understood by any person having the knowledge of basic university phisics courses.